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EFD1000 Pilot Modern EFIS at a breakthrough price: Basic attitude. Slaved DG. Airspeed, altitude tapes. Altitude alerter. GPS Flight plan map. Internal backup battery. Emergency GPS.
EFD1000 Pro Professional-grade navigation and integration. All Pilot features plus... Full ADI. EHSI with dual bearing pointers. Flight director and autopilot integration. Base map with curved flight paths. GPS Steering. Optional traffic, weather, terrain.
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CRM 2100/01 AuRACLE engine management system’s provides discerning pilots with primary engine management systems compatible with 95% of all single- and twin-engine general aviation aircraft. Cockpit resource management is improved by providing alerting pilots to critical engine conditions including fuel data, exhaust gas temperature, cylinder head temperature. Each unit is configured to the respective airframe and engine combination.
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TAS600 Series Traffic The dual-antenna TAS600 systems provide traffic advisories on the displays of more than 15 manufacturers.
FlightMax EX500/MHAS6000 With the EX500's "map-centric" operation, you can display a moving map of your flight plan along with radar and datalink weather. And special-use airspace. And traffic. And terrain. And lightning.
FlightMax EX5000 MFD The FlightMax EX5000 features the highest resolution and the brightest, most versatile big-screen moving map available in general aviation.
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AV80R The new portable Multifunction Display (MFD) takes you to the airport, provides guidance en route to your destination, and even provides entertainment along the way. AV8OR's large 4.3 inch diagonal, high brightness touch screen sets a new standard for portable systems. Additionally, AV8OR's built-in automotive navigation system provides both 2D and 3D navigation.
APEX Edge Series The New Apex Edge Series—born from the trusted history of Bendix/King avionics and infused with the DNA of advanced Honeywell business-jet and military-aviation technology. These are just the first in a new generation of Bendix/King integrated and modular glass-panel retrofit solutions for the general aviation pilot.
KX155 Comm/Nav It always pays to plan ahead. And with the Bendix/King KX 155 Nav/Comm, "stay ahead" frequency pre-planning is push-button simple.
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C2000 Autopilot The complete Century 2000 is a true 3 axis, flight director/autopilot. Its advanced design provides the smoothest, most precise ride possible. The flexible design provides the economy of expandability.
NSD360 HSI The Century NSD-360A combines a vertical compass card and an omni bearing course selector with course deviation for a map-like perspective. "Barber-striped" flags provide conspicuous warning indications for NAV, glideslope, and heading.
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G600 G600 combines critical flight data and displays it on two 6.5 inch diagonal flat-panel LCDs. These high resolutions screens are mounted side by side in a single bezel that fits neatly into the “six-pack” slot in your instrument panel. They feature brilliant color and advanced backlighting, so you can view images in sharper detail — even in direct sunlight.
GTN750 Packed full of powerful avionics, the GTN 750 is a fully integrated GPS/NAV/COMM solution. The 6-in.-tall system’s intuitive touchscreen controls and large display give you unprecedented access to high-resolution terrain mapping, graphical flight planning, geo-referenced charting, traffic display, satellite weather and much more.
GTN650 For pilots who want a fully integrated solution in a small, 2.64-in.-tall package, the GTN 650 is the perfect choice.
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SN3500 Compact and reliable, the SN3500 Primary Navigation Display is a sunlight readable, ultra-wide-angle LED backlit display which combines advanced navigation capabilities with a full range of safety functions.
SA4550 Standard ADI features include flight director command bars and a glideslope/localizer deviation scale; convenience features include a fast/slow indicator and mode annunciations to make flying easier and safer. A pilot-selectable single-cue/split-cue display option is also available.
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System Twenty/Thirty One axis and two axis flight control system. Multi-mode single and two axis that use zero additional panel space.
System 60PSS System Thirty/ALT/60PSS Stand-alonepitch axis autopilot systems - altitude, vertical speed and GS coupling (System 60 PSS), or altitude hold only (System ThirtyALT).
System 40 - 50 One and two axis Primary Flight Control Systems. Economical autopilots with three ATI-size, panel-mounted mode selector/programmer/annunciators.
System 55X Full-Function Two-Axis Flight Control System. The System Fifty Five X is a high-performance, two-axis (roll & pitch) autopilot in an avionics stack-mounted case, containing the mode selector/programmer, annunciator, roll & pitch computers, and servo amplifiers.
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